Dental Implants

Dental implants are a means of fixing crowns, bridges and dentures in a secure fashion so that eating is more comfortable and you may smile with confidence. It involves a small surgical procedure, normally under local anaesthetic.

Implants are not for everyone; there are specific criteria that have to be met in order to place these devices. You must have good oral hygiene; any gum disease has to be treated and under control; there must not be any infection at the site of the implant and there must be enough bone in which to place the implant. We can repair small defects in bone.

You do not need an implant for every missing tooth, implants are very solid and can carry more than one tooth. Bridge work can be constructed between implants and a ratio of one implant for every two teeth is acceptable.

The implant becomes firmly fixed in 12 weeks under normal circumstances, although this period can be shortened or lengthened depending on the individual patient.

Dentures can be stabilised, especially lower ones, with just two implants with a sophisticated “press stud” called a “Locator”.