What’s Involved

Preparation: During your initial consultation you will have the opportunity to tell us your exact needs and requirements.

We will take a dental and medical history relevant to your implant treatment and take digital x-rays of the area in question. We pride ourselves in making a thorough  examination and diagnosis and presenting all the options available to you in a written report so you can make an informed choice. A second visit will allow us to discuss our findings and answer any questions you have.

Placing Implants: In most cases the implant is placed with local anaesthesia. Patients continually report that the procedure is totally painless.

We take your safety very seriously and for this reason all implant treatments are performed in sterile gowns, gloves, hats and masks. This minimises the risk of complications. You will be provided with a denture or temporary bridge to fill any spaces where teeth are missing whilst the area in question heals. The titanium implant then fuses with the bone in the mouth, providing a strong stable and long lasting platform for your tooth to be fixed upon. The final restoration can be fitted after 8 to 12 weeks and will function as a normal tooth. In certain circumstances a temporary tooth can be fitted to the implant at the time of placement, providing conditions can be met.

Aftercare: The success of your treatment will depend largely on your ability to maintain high standards of oral hygiene and plaque control.

Implants can suffer from the same gum diseases as natural teeth and the restorations by their very nature can be complex with many surfaces to clean. Smoking can seriously compromise the long term success of dental implant treatment. An aftercare letter will be provided in your document pack or alternatively you can download it here.